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Single mum Jas Sullivan, aged 23, has apparently spent more than £20,000 dressing her 22-month-old daughter in designer clothes and extensions. Minnie-Beau Sullivan has a designer wardrobe worth £15,000, gold jewellery worth £1,000 and a stack of make-up and hair products. Carer Jas says she spends all her money decking out her daughter and cheering her on to win beauty pageants, of which she has already claimed eight titles. Jas says she doesn't see anything wrong with letting the toddler compete in a bikini. If people think she is sexualising her daughter that is just down to their own sick minds, she claims. Jas took Minnie to get her ears pierced when she was four months old and said: 'I know some people don't agree with it but haters are going to hate.'



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