Woman arrested for nagging husband

 Woman arrested for nagging husband
Published: 2015 May 12 06:59:29 (8900 Views)
A woman in the UK has been fined for nagging her husband.

Julie Griffiths breached an ASBO after she launched a verbal attack on her husband, Norman, because he bought the wrong lottery ticket.

Long-suffering Norman Griffiths had been packed off to a safe house to escape furious Julie's tirades.
It has emerged the 46-year-old was detained by cops after an alleged assault, reported by Norman himself, 63, who was whisked away by police for his protection.

Now, Julie's immediate nextdoor neighbours have fled their homes, which both stand empty, fed up with her constant berating, easily heard though the walls.

One resident said: "They are 'To Let', but who in their right mind would move in next to that noise?"

Poor Norman has put up with years of flak from wife-from-hell Julie who has been warned she faces jail - but still makes his life a constant misery.

Norman, who spent last Christmas Eve in hospital after a row, has now fled their terraced home in Fenton, Staffs, after yet another bust-up.

Julie was quizzed by detectives, but later let go.

Julie and Norman have been married for 27 years. She does 12-hour night shifts in a clothes packing factory.

She is subject to a five year Anti-Social Behaviour Order imposed to try and shut her up.

Among her rants at Norman are rows over a bowl of cornflakes, trips to the newsagents to buy a lottery scratchcard and constant shouting, swearing and banging on the walls.

Source - Mirror

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