'Woman puts chicken skin and snuff inside her privates'

'Woman puts chicken skin and snuff inside her privates'
Published: 2014 November 24 11:58:33 (9261 Views)
26-year-old Admire Chuma is demanding back the bride price he paid and says he never wants to see his future bride again.

He claims that he has found out she tricked him in bed...by putting chicken skin and snuff inside her privates to make him think she was still a virgin!
He also found another man had already paid lobola for her.
Admire a truck driver and a pastor at the Joyful Assembly of Christ Church in Oribi, Pietermaritzburg met the woman five months ago.
"We fell in love. I was happy to hear she was a virgin.
"I wanted to marry her right away," said the pastor.
He said in October he went to the woman's family and they agreed on R9 000 lobola.
"I paid R3 000 immediately and she came to visit me. When we had sex she said it hurt. On the third visit, I found snuff in her handbag and demanded to see her private parts and found rolled chicken skin mixed with snuff," said Admire.
Admire said he also saw her picture on Facebook, kissing another man.  

"She said the man had paid lobola before me," said Admire.
He said the next day the woman called saying she was in Northdale Hospital after taking an overdose of pills.
"I went to see her and told her to tell her family to bring back my lobola money," he said.
The woman admitted to Daily Sun she cheated but said she prays that he gives her a second chance.
She said she uses snuff for headaches: "I am still a virgin, I never slept with Admire. Maybe he is mistaking me for another woman."

Source - Dailysun

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