Woman admits she loves her dog more than her own son

Woman admits she loves her dog more than her own son
Published: 2014 October 17 14:48:48 (8898 Views)
A mother in the UK has sparked outrage after admitting that she loves her dog more than her 11-year-old son.

Kelly Rose Bradford explained why she is more fond of her West Highland Terrier, Matilda, saying: "Let me put this into a little bit of context… there was a study done last month where they got a load of women who are dog owners and mums and they analysed their emotions when they were shown a picture of their dogs and their sons.

"When the dogs came up there were higher signals and I can relate to that."

"The dog is forever in this newborn state. Kids eventually become stroppy. [Matilda] is suspended in a baby state."

The presenters then asked how Kelly would feel if her son did the same.

She replied: "Oh he does, he loves Minecraft more than me, he loves his DS more than me."

In the video above Kelly says why dogs need immediate love as soon as you walk in.

Source - Mirror

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