British mogul 'bankrolling Grace Mugabe's rise to presidency'

British mogul 'bankrolling Grace Mugabe's rise to presidency'
Published: 2014 December 13 20:27:34 (13338 Views)
There are claims that an alleged notorious British criminal and millionaire is bankrolling Grace Mugabe to become Zimbabwe's president.

Nicholas van Hoogstraten has been connected to Mugabe through alleged secret documents.

According to the Daily Mail, Hoogstraten fled Britain to Zimbabwe in 2007 after being branded 'emissary of the devil' by a judge after he was implicated in a brutal slaying of a gangland rival.

49-year-old Grace Mugabe is allegedly launching a bid to become president backed with millions in cash from the British millionaire.

Secret documents obtained by MailOnline - compiled by Mugabe's intelligence chiefs, who carry out surveillance on all those close to the president – claim that Hoogstraten is paying millions to Grace to help fund her campaign.

Hoogstraten, one of the largest landowners in Zimbabwe, where he lives in a hotel is named in the documents as giving $62m to bankroll Grace's presidential bid.

Grace Mugabe has even had a street named after her during the just finished Zanu-PF congress where she was declared Secretary for Women's Affairs

In return for his support, the Briton is apparently promised a bigger share in a vast power plant that supplies the entire country with electricity 'if he pays for her (Grace Mugabe) to ascend to the presidency' - something she has reportedly pledged to achieve by 'eliminating' all her opponents.

The documents - if the information they contain is true - also show Grace and Hoogstraten are in cahoots over another multi-million pound fiddle: diverting salaries meant for state employees at the giant Hwange Colliery into their own private accounts.

They emerge at a crucial time. This week President Mugabe fired his deputy Joice Mujuru and purged the cabinet of all her allies amid speculation that his wife is winning the battle behind the scenes to succeed him when he dies.

Mr Mugabe, 90, who has ruled Zimbabwe since its independence in 1980, has not anointed a successor, but Joice Mujuru had been widely tipped to take over until she was accused of trying to kill him, when she was sacked as the deputy of the ruling Zanu PF party.

The documents obtained by MailOnline show Mrs Mugabe is amassing some significant support.

They state: 'Collaborated intelligence shows that Mr Van Hoogstraten is working at the behest of the First Lady (Grace) to acquire a controlling stake in Hwange Colliery Company…to raise Mr Van Hoogstraten's stake from 30% to 43% if he pays for her ascendancy to the presidency.'

He has already helped Grace with her investments from alleged corrupt schemes, helping her build up a global property empire with homes in Cape Town, Hong Kong, Dubai, Mauritius and two properties in Manchester.

The documents claim that more than $750m worth of diamonds were smuggled out the country by Grace last year, using middle-men in Dubai, South Africa and India.

The gems were taken from the Marange diamond field in the remote south-east of Zimbabwe, where 'hard stones' were so common that small boys used them for hunting birds with catapults, and is now a military zone following the discovery of vast diamond deposits.

Chinese companies were reportedly allowed by Mugabe to mine the fields in return for weapons.

Hoogstraten was granted mineral concessions for the role he played in the last elections in Zimbabwe in 2013, when he donated millions and helped campaign for Mugabe.

With the vice president's family fleeing across the border to South Africa, and Mujuru's whereabouts reportedly unclear, fear is sweeping Zimbabwe as Mugabe purges scores of politicians and officials from inside his ruling ZANU-PF party apparently on the orders of Grace.

Grace is reportedly demanding her husband sack powerful security chiefs in charge of the police, army and intelligence services.

Fearing these shadowy figures may mount a bloody coup to block her rise to power, plunging the country into chaos, the Daily Mail reports that Grace is urging that her husband 'eliminates' all opponents to pave her rise to the presidency.

There are also reports that Grace has made clear that she wants to run the country with Dr Gideon Gono, the country's former finance chief.

There were reported a few years back that the two were having an affair but they have both denied this.

The confidential intelligence papers claim that the new Vice President, Emmerson Mnangagwa is orchestrating Grace's rise to power.

Apparently this has president Mugabe's blessing and he will reportedly be the real power. He is also a friend of Hoogstraten.

Alexander Mackenzie, a spokesman for the property magnate, said: 'Mr van Hoogstraten strongly refutes the vast majority of the contents of the article.

'His family have worldwide holdings worth several billion pounds. He himself owns nothing. He is neither a millionaire or billionaire.

'All of the van Hoogstraten/Hamilton family's holdings are held by an array of corporate vehicles, trusts, nominees and offshore companies. Collectively the various entities hold north of $2billion.

'The percentage holdings suggested that the van Hoogstraten/Hamilton family and the Zimbabwean Government respectively own of Hwange Collery are at significant variance with reality. They are indeed substantially larger.

'The supposedly "leaked" documents are without doubt forgeries.'

Mr Mackenzie also denied that Mr van Hoogstraten had fled to Zimbabwe.

He added: 'Whilst he may spend a substantial amount of time there, he has other significant affairs to deal with worldwide and indeed has built one of the largest homes in the United Kingdom - Hamilton Palace, owned by the entities mentioned above.

'Mr van Hoogstraten is a long-term supporter of President Mugabe, the First Lady and the ZANU-PF, all of whom are pillars of democracy and hold the nation's interest at the forefront of their agenda.'

Source - Daily Mail


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Anonymous user 2014 December 14 07:35:22
Kikiki nothing was wrong with. Mujuru!but just because husband like wife there are all thinking for themselves not for the people of Zimbabwe,l sow this coming,Grace is the one who want to finish Mugabe by taking over everything that's belong to Zimbabwe people,this lady
Anonymous user 2014 December 14 05:36:23
Mmmmm i smell a dead rat, if Grace becomes a President we are all doomed. The Zanu pf always say dat Britain and its allies are all evil, so why is Grace getting the support from the very people who are evil?

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