'I want to die too. I am in pain' Kelly Khumalo says

'I want to die too. I am in pain' Kelly Khumalo says
Published: 2014 November 02 10:52:53 (16934 Views)
Singer Kelly Khumalo spoke to SundaySun about the deceased father of her child Senzo Meyiwa saying: "I want to die too. I am in pain and many people don't understand that I was in love with that man.

"I have seen and read what people are saying about me. I am not the monster they make me out to be. But all of this shall pass, and God will protect me.

"Don't judge me. Senzo and I had a solid relationship until his last hours. I wasn't going to say anything, as I grieve for Senzo in my own way.

"But I wish some politicians would learn to respect others! They also sleep around with 'bad friends'! South Africans must also be wary of politicians who are using Senzo's death while their own dirty linen is known to the public."

This remark might be seen as a veiled attack on Minister Fikile Mbalula. He had advised soccer players to be careful about who they go out with – and said that fame attracts "unholy companions".

He was addressing mourners at the joint memorial service for Senzo, Mbulaeni Mulaudzi and Phindile Mwelase at the Standard Bank Arena in Joburg on Thursday.

Asked about her relationship with the Meyiwa family, Kelly said: "I know Senzo's father was opposed to our relationship. But ubaba uSam will always remain the grandfather of my daughter.

"Senzo once said to me that his father cannot choose for him. When his father chose his mother, no one interfered.

He told me that his father chose his mum because he loved her.

"And he felt the same way about me. He assured me of his love for me," said Kelly.

She added: "I am mature about the whole thing and grown up. I am responsible for two kids now.

"And I will continue to reach out to the family for my daughter's sake.

"After Senzo was shot and rushed to the hospital, I did not call his father.

"I asked my management to communicate with the family and Dr Irvin Khoza."

Asked why she was driving Senzo's car, she answered: "I was NOT driving it.

"The police insisted that it be taken to a place of safety and they took the keys."

On Friday a 25-year-old Vosloorus resident, Zenokuhle Mbatha, was arrested and charged on the basis of a positive identification.

Mbatha appeared in the Boksburg Magistrate's Court on Friday in connection with Senzo's murder.

The National Prosecuting Authority said Mbatha would appear in court again on 11 November when he was expected to apply for legal aid.

Source - Dailysun


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Anonymous user 2014 November 05 09:34:12
kelly , shame you want to die again ? you are dead already , or do you mean you resurrected from evil that youve been living? Feel it pretty girl . i am sure you sitting and wonder why yourselve , shem you have been judged whilst alive. To HEEEEEEEEL WITH YOU . LADY MADAM MANDISA MEYIWA IM WITH YOU IN PRAYER. FATHER GOD WILL HEAL THIS SITUATION. yOU ARE A WINNER OVER EVIL .
Anonymous user 2014 November 03 10:37:49
What i wil say is his gone his gone only God knows the time wil cme nd whoever killed him they wil b nabbed
Anonymous user 2014 November 03 09:25:06
Death is just a death we all gonna die so I think people must stop pokes n blaiming others about his death.it was his day #RIP
Anonymous user 2014 November 03 07:53:38
l think the police should start investigation the wife of Senzo .l think she has a hand
Anonymous user 2014 November 03 06:32:50
Kelly I feel your pain and no one should be judging you. Be strong, it will come to pass.
Anonymous user 2014 November 02 18:39:29
Honestly I only feel for da wife not U cz if U ever had Ubuntu U would have broken up wt her husband,but no U continued and even beat her up just bcoz U wanted to show dat U R da big fish,Dating a married man is a disgrace especially in our culture Yihlazo.Ds is da time U sit down n inspect urself n ur values U need to change for da sake of ur kids
Anonymous user 2014 November 02 18:34:29
How do U think Mandisa feels like?U busy telling da world how her husband loved U,Maybe its true wen dey say easy come easy Go,U should learn some respect.
Anonymous user 2014 November 02 18:29:57
fact that u wanted to destroy someone else marriage makes you a bad woman no matter hw much the late loved u get a life
Anonymous user 2014 November 02 15:51:18
akwesithembe ukuthi lomsola oboshiwe uyalazi iqiniso.uyena oyocacisa.ngifisa alivume icala bese ecazela ikatolo ukuthi okenzeki kwenze kanjani,uyena oyongeza igama lika kelly.abantu bangakhulumi kakhu ngoba akwaziwa ubufaka buzothini.kungakuhle makuwuye umbulali lona obanjiwe
Anonymous user 2014 November 02 14:00:55
Dnt worry take it as a life challenge it shall cum 2 pass stay strong in prayer God will help you
Anonymous user 2014 November 02 11:38:28
I believe you my sister, just be positive and surrender all to God cause who are we to judge You ! No one knows what will happen the next minutes if we know that when i go there i will die or see death coming ? Some of us could run away just not for us to die. Only GOD knows the secret behind DEATH . MAY SENZO REST IN PEACE

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