Kelly Khumalo accused of being a witch after Senzo Meyiwa's death

Kelly Khumalo accused of being a witch after Senzo Meyiwa's death
Published: 2014 October 28 00:21:55 (21353 Views)
Singer Kelly Khumalo has been the target of internet abuse and has been branded an 'adulterous witch' over her relationship with the late married Senzo Meyiwa.

Hours before his death the pop-star shared a photograph of them with her sister on Instagram.

Within minutes of news of his death, critics left vicious comments telling her to 'go swim with the sharks'.   

NganekaMama reportedly wrote in a post that has since been deleted: '@Kelly_Khumalo You see what messing in someone's marriage does; you should be stoned you adulterous witch'.

Bayanda Bikitsha tweeted: 'I feel sorry for #SenzoMeyiwa's wife who had to deal with a cheating hubby & now his death, as for #KellyKhumalo [she] can go swim with the sharks.'

Hands OffBuyelekhaya said: 'Whoever is investigating #Senzomeyiwa's murder makaqale ngo [must start with] #KellyKhumalo or his wife. I smell a foot of a baboon...'

Police have offered no suggestion that his murder was in any way linked to the love triangle.

Meyiwa, who played for Orlando Pirates, was shot dead after one of the attackers pointed a gun at Miss Khumalo.

However, many Twitter users leapt to Khumalo's defence.

Mlacash Wamampela tweeted: 'Kelly Khumalo must be traumatised... why are people being so mean to her though, whatever happened to empathy?'

Thembelihle Cele added: 'Shame on all of you talking smack about @Kelly_Khumalo. Regardless of what you think of her, she's human, and she's going through it!'

Meyiwa had an on-off relationship with pop star Kelly Khumalo since meeting at the Feather Awards in March last year. They since had a baby together.

A confrontation between Meyiwa's wife Mandisa, and Khumalo, ended with the singer's arrest last year after she allegedly assaulted the wife near Empire Road in Johannesburg.

Meyiwa reportedly told police his wife had provoked Khumalo.

'Kelly had no idea that I was in a relationship, I didn't reveal it to her. I should have known and done better, I have apologised to both Mandisa and Kelly for this,' Meyiwa said at the time.

He admitted in an interview with Drum magazine that he lied to both his wife Mandisa Mkhize and the singer.

Khumalo was initially reluctant to commit to a relationship but he eventually won her over after telling her he was single. Khumalo gave birth to a baby girl this year called Aphelele.

She reportedly only found out he was married five months into their relationship, by which time his wife had also heard about the affair when a colleague showed her Khumalo's Instagram account.

At the time, Meyiwa said: 'This is all my fault. I lied to them [Khumalo and Mkhize].

'I approached her [Khumalo] and she asked if I was married. But I wasn't man enough to tell her the truth. As a result, she fell in love with me.'

He reportedly returned to his marital home in February.

Mandisa was quoted in the Sunday Sun as saying: 'I'm glad my husband is back home. I'm loving every moment. Senzo is a good man who loves his family. I support him in his career and we are now closer than ever.'

It is understood that Meyiwa and Khumalo had recently rekindled their relationship, with a number of Instagram photos uploaded by the singer in the last month.

It is understood the footballer, who had a baby with Ms Khumalo, planned to meet his wife at a party on the night of his death.

Senzo Meyiwa and wife Mandisa

A source said 'Senzo was in contact with her (Mandisa Meyiwa). She told us he was on his way and we expected him, but then we heard Senzo wasn't coming any more because he had been shot.

'Mandisa is not coping at all. She is devastated.'

'She is devastated. She was waiting for her husband to arrive at the party.

'She never expected to get a call that he had been killed.'

Mandisa Meyiwa was too distraught to speak, though neighbours of Miss Khumalo said they had seen her driving around in the deceased footballer's car, an apparent sign of disrespect in the community.

'This is unheard of. In our culture we don't drive around in a dead person's car before the burial and the cleansing,' said a resident.

The police have asked the public to assist them in bringing those responsible with the shooting to justice.

According to the South African Police Service, two men entered the house, around 20:00 (18:00GMT), while a third man remained outside.

All three fled after shots were fired, in what local media reports say was an attempted burglary. 

Source - DailyMail


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Anonymous user 2014 November 04 05:12:46
rest in peace oh captain my captain.Kelly n Mandisa plz find in ur hearts to 4gv each other and let Senzos children grow in peace.
Anonymous user 2014 October 30 04:39:53
RIP Senzo ,guys take care of your siblings girls they will grow ,we only live once ,forgive each as jesus forgave us all