Corpse falls out of coffin during funeral

Corpse falls out of coffin during funeral
Published: 2015 March 31 07:58:47 (10405 Views)
Mourners at a funeral procession in a rural village in Indonesia were left horrified after a body fell out of a coffin when the bottom of the coffin gave way.

The ceremony was brought to a stop when the body of the deceased appeared to drop through the green canvas coffin in which it was encased.

The body fell onto the road as pallbearers carried the coffin past a street lined with grieving friends and relatives.

But rather than stop to recover the body, the coffin bearers continued walking, unaware of what had happened.

Onlookers rushed to rescue the body from the middle of the road and quickly placed it back in the coffin before the funeral processions continues.

Source - Mirror

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