Match fixer claims to control 'entire African team'

Match fixer claims to control 'entire African team'
Published: 2013 November 29 07:40:34 (13037 Views)
Qualifying games for next year's World Cup may have been fixed by crooked betting ­syndicates, it has been claimed.

An alleged member of a Far East crime gang was secretly recorded boasting he manipulated ties in the lead up to the Brazil contest.

The sensational claims – just seven days before the draw for the tournament takes place – saw the alleged match fixer boast that he had an "entire African team" under his control.

And he told how nobbled players were ordered by crime gang bosses to get an early yellow card during games to prove they were in on the scam.

He was one of seven men, including three footballers, arrested by police after the Daily Telegraph secretly taped him bragging about manipulating matches.

Also held was former Premier League star Delroy Facey, now a football agent.

The alleged fixer told an investigator: "I do Australia, Scotland… Ireland. Europe. World Cup. World Cup qualifier."

The stunned investigator asked: "What, the World Cup?" He replied: "At least, at least 15… I bought the match."

Two men were last night charged with conspiracy to defraud. Chann Sankaran, 33, from Singapore and Krishna Ganeshan, 43, who has dual UK and Singapore nationality, are due to appear before magistrates in Cannock, Staffs, tomorrow.

This inquiry centres on matches played at top non-league clubs in England.

The new National Crime Agency is investigating the nobbling claims. The alleged fixer secretly recorded by the Telegraph is understood to represent the Far East gambling gang involved in the multi-billion pound industry.

The conversation was recorded at a hotel in Manchester by an investigator with links to Fifa.

The alleged fixer believed he was trying to influence a match.

While discussing English clashes, the man claimed he could fix games all over the world – except in Singapore where the penalties are very high.

He said he worked hand in hand with a registered licensed Fifa agent.

Speaking in broken English, the man added: "He's a very close friend. My boss is the one who asked him to spend the money to get the licence."

The alleged fixer claimed to have set up international friendly matches.

Some of these have already been the centre of concern amid allegations they were rigged.

Asked how the system worked, he replied: "Yeah so he is very close with me. I'm [the] one who's sending money… he can organise any match around the world.

"That's the reason why I say I can organise any game any tournament. Cause I use his licence I will ask him if OK he can arrange international friendly for this team before, usually before any World Cup match or any tournament there will be friendly match, a warm-up."

In a second meeting, the alleged fixer claimed he could control matches in Europe.

He said: "I got team in Belgium. France as well I got. Good teams. Their country, most of these place their ­salaries are very low. Like Germany, the players, they pay high, France not so high. Very moderate. But Finland, Belgium, Sweden, all everybody all [earn] very less."

Speaking about his claims the syndicate would order players to get yellow cards to show they were involved in the fixing scam, the man said: "For example, within the first 10 minutes, I will ask them to take one yellow card. So, one yellow card is about £5,000.

"So I say (to the player), okay, in the first 10 minutes I need to see the yellow. If there's no yellow, that's it, I will not pay you anything."

The Crown Prosecution Service confirmed it has liaised with the NCA during the investigation. And the FA said: "We have worked closely with the authorities in relation to these allegations."

Striker Facey, 33 – who starred for a number of Premier League clubs including Bolton Wanderers and Hull City - had been picked to play for his current team Albion Sports of Bradford in the NCEL Premier League on Wednesday but did not appear.

Club secretary Jaj Singh said: "He was due to come but didn't turn up.

"He was named on the sub's bench but was a no-show. I have no idea. He's been with us about three months and is a cracking lad."

Source - Mirror


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