Pistorius prosecutor Gerrie Nel reported to the Human Rights Commission

Pistorius prosecutor Gerrie Nel reported to the Human Rights Commission
Published: 2014 April 12 10:10:44 (16094 Views)
The prosecutor in the Pistorius trial, Gerrie Nel, has been reported to the Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) on Friday for his abrasive style.

The commission's spokesman, Isaac Mangena, said the commission had received notice of an intent to file a complaint over Nel's gruelling cross-examination of Pistorius in the High Court in Pretoria over the past week.

On a day of High Court drama in which Nel put it to Pistorius that "you knew Reeva was behind that door and you shot at her… you wanted to shoot her", the prosecutor was also warned by presiding Judge Thokozile Masipa to "watch your language Mr Nel … you don't call the witness a liar, not while he is in the witness box".

Nel was reported to the SAHRC by Jan Landman, a former commissioner of the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities, who asked the SAHRC to investigate and rule whether Nel was permitted to refer to Pistorius as a "liar".

Mangena said: "We have acknowledged and asked the complainant to lodge a formal complaint by filling out a form. We will then assess the complaint as per our complaints handling procedure to decide whether it is something for the commission to investigate, or not."

But on day 21 of the sensational trial, Nel remained relentless as he sought to prove the State's case that Pistorius had been emotionally abusive to his girlfriend of four months, and then shot and killed her following an argument.

On Friday, during the Paralympian's fifth day in the witness box, Nel told Pistorius that his version – that he thought there were intruders in his toilet, and he wanted to defend himself and Steenkamp – was lies.

"You knew Reeva was behind that door and you shot at her… you wanted to shoot her. She was not scared of any intruders in the house, she was scared of you."

Nel told Pistorius that what happened to Steenkamp on February 14 last year, while she was behind the toilet door of his Silverwoods Estate home, was horrific.

"She was in a small cubicle, being fired at four times," Nel charged. "The crux of the case is what was she thinking at that point."

An emotional Pistorius responded: "It has haunted me many times what she was thinking in her last moments … many times."

But Pistorius remained adamant that he believed there was an intruder in his toilet, and that he wanted to keep this person as far away as possible from Steenkamp so that he could protect her.

Nel countered that it was unlikely an intruder would climb through the window and hide in the toilet.

Nel also asked Pistorius why he had not simply left the bedroom, but approached danger, gun in hand.

He said a reasonable person would have first looked to see where Steenkamp was, before grabbing a firearm and, on his own version, heading to the bathroom.

During cross-examination, Pistorius told the court several times he had not looked for Steenkamp before rushing to the bathroom.

He could also not say why she had not answered him when he spoke to her, telling her several times to lie low and call the police.

Pistorius was adamant that he never heard Steenkamp get out of bed. He said he at first "whispered" to her, thinking she was still in the bed, to get down and phone the police.

"A reasonable person would have looked where Reeva was, to see whether she was safe," Nel argued.

Pistorius, who claimed he had been overcome with fear, replied: "I did not think of anything else."

Pistorius maintained that he had simply obeyed his instincts, believing the right thing to do was to put himself between Steenkamp and harm.

But Nel accused Pistorius of inventing a version of events that could allow him to claim that he had not known Steenkamp was inside a locked toilet cubicle when he shot her through the door.

"You had to come up with a version to explain why you got to the bathroom innocently… your version is a lie."

Pistorius claimed he had cocked his firearm and walked towards the bathroom, calling to the intruder to get out of his house and telling Steenkamp to phone the police.

"There is no way you can convince the court she stood there saying nothing."

He also rubbished Pistorius's suggestion that Steenkamp would have been too scared to make a sound.

"She wasn't scared of anything except you," he said.

Nel asked whether Steenkamp had screamed while he fired the shots. Pistorius began crying softly, then said no, prompting Nel to point out that he was contradicting earlier testimony that, at that point, he could hear nothing because his ears were ringing from the gunshots.

"How can you exclude the fact that she screamed if you could not hear?" Nel asked.

"Your version never happened and you have to keep up with an untruth… that is why you are making these mistakes. Your mistakes are as convincing as your evidence," he said, describing Pistorius's version as "so far-fetched".

Source - Weekend Argus


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Anonymous user 2016 January 22 00:04:45
Moordenaars gaan uit en vermoor en verkragting en Martel hulle slagoffers, maar Daar word genade aan hulle betoon as hulle kamtig berou toon. Daar is geen simpatisie vir hulle geliefdes nie. Hoekom, want die moordenaars is nie bekendes nie en hulle het nie in vrees gelewe nie. Maar Oscar is n bekendes parapleeg wat presteer het, wat in n oomblik van waansinnige vrees verkeerd opgetree het, vir hom is Daar deur die mense, wat vol sonde is, geen genade nie. Hy word gejag en veroordeel. Reeva se familie word op die hande gedra en toegegooi met geld, maar slagoffers van moorde, verkragters ens, word nie gehelp of bygestaan nie. Los Oscar nou. Hy en sy familie het genoeg gely en hy is uitgeroei deur regskoste. N hofsaak wat so onregverdig was en n openbare sirkus. Oscar het nooit n regverdige gehoor gehad nie. God seen Oscar en vetsterk hom! Asb Onse Vader!
Anonymous user 2016 January 21 17:24:57
Yo!!!!you guys must please learn to spell properly... Yo!!!!
Anonymous user 2014 April 13 03:56:49
Fill sorry for this guy how many times God forgive us and its gonna bring the girl back
Anonymous user 2014 April 12 17:26:41
This is total waste of time. He must rot in jail coward!
Anonymous user 2014 April 12 16:09:00
The very person complaining abt Nels approach should have their heard examined.The guy lies under oath and he is arrogant.He must be grilled hard.The reason why he shot four tymz its becoz he feared she was going to live to tell what transpired.I dont feel sory for him at all .He seeks sympathy at the wrong place and tym.
Anonymous user 2014 April 12 15:19:32
Justice must prevail,he must go to jail ,it doesnt matter hw much Nel grills him he deserves it.We ar tired of men who abuse women and get away with it.Thou shall not kill!!!.
Anonymous user 2014 April 12 14:08:05
His lies r obvious....he gets stubborn wen asked some questions wch nids a simple answer..lyk dd u swich off ur alrm system?yes o no bt he prefers to say lots of unneccessary things ..he must go to jail cz the truth is he killed Reeva kwaphela
Anonymous user 2014 April 12 13:07:23
Pistorius comes across as a manipulative aggressive deceiver!!! I am surprised some people still see him as a victim!!! Reeva has been talking through text messages to confirm what sort of a relationship she had with this man!!! When he is in a position to argue his case he really gets arrogant and stubborn then when the truth about how things went pear shaped he starts yo get emotional!! Why???? He has sworn that he will tell the truth so if that truth doesn't come out what else could he be doing other than lying!!!!
Anonymous user 2014 April 12 12:29:05
reevas family nd justice and we dnt care hw many times pretorius cries he made a bed so he mst lie in it u cnt kill a human being like a chicken and get away with it its a big NO
Anonymous user 2014 April 12 12:07:37
Give the man a break will yah

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