Man thrown out of Hillbrow flat window turns out to be 16-year-old Zimbawean

Man thrown out of Hillbrow flat window turns out to be 16-year-old Zimbawean
Published: 2013 November 20 05:53:56 (38065 Views)
Update to Man caught with married woman thrown off the flat

A 16-year-old Zimbabwean boy plummeted to his death from a sixth-floor window after he was allegedly found in bed with another man's wife.

Now police are investigating whether Nyasha Johwa jumped or was pushed out of a window of a nine-floor building in Claim Street, Hillbrow, on Tuesday.

It is believed that in the early hours of the morning, the teen was allegedly let into the flat by his lover.

"It was around 9.30 (in the morning). I was bathing, and suddenly I heard a woman screaming and thudding noises," said a visibly shaken Juliet Ndebele, who shared a flat with the woman.

She also heard a man's voice. It was the woman's husband. Ndebele had seen him at the flat on a few occasions, so she recognised his voice.

Ndebele said the couple were parents to a 13-year-old boy.

She heard him shouting "S'febe uyajola! (wh**e, you're cheating on me)".

"That's when I dressed and came out quickly. I saw her leaning out the window, screaming 'He fell! He's dead!'."

Ndebele said the distraught woman then threatened to throw herself out of the window as well.

"I told her not to do it," she said, "then I looked out the window to see what she was talking about and I saw him laying there nak*d."

Ndebele said she had not seen the boy in the flat prior to the tragedy and only saw him when he was lying face-up on the landing at The Lloyd.

Pulling aside the red curtain, Ndebele shook her head at the recollection.

When The Star spoke to Ndebele a few hours after the incident, it was clear that the memory still haunted her.

"I can't eat and I feel weak. My heart was broken because he's so young."

Getrude Sibanda, who owns the flat, said the woman had been living there since the beginning of the month.

"She said she just needed to stay here for a month to get her affairs in order and would move out at the end of November."

"His (Johwa's) brother was here to fetch the boy's clothes but could only find his denim shorts and sneakers."

The teenager's brother, John, 24, said his brother had stopped going to school last year and was working at a club in Sunninghill. He was not sure what he did there.

"I have managed to contact our family in Zimbabwe to tell them but I don't know how they're feeling," he said.

"I just have no strength."

The police have arrested the husband, who can't be named until he appears in court.

He is facing charges of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

It is believed that during Tuesday's fight, he beat up his wife.

"We have opened an inquest docket because we don't know if it's murder or whether he jumped," said police spokeswoman Constable Carol Mulamu.

On Tuesday night, the husband was being held at Hillbrow police station. The woman is not in custody.

Source - IOL


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Anonymous user 2013 December 05 07:49:46
As an older man and a father to a 13 year old, surely he should have been rational enough to direct the poor boy thru the door then deal with his so called wife. Who would jump from a 6th floor when they are not prevented or threatened ? RIP young man. You are the victim in all this. Not this silly husband and wife. Hope they suffer the consequences of their sins.
Anonymous user 2013 December 05 07:44:53
I have no sympathy for this man in prison. He deserves it all. I don't even know why everyone is empathising with him. He is a murder and abuses his wife. As for the woman, I do hope she learnt a lesson.
Anonymous user 2013 November 21 21:00:21
This is pure evil and you can see the evilness in human kind in some of the comments being posted. What has this got to do with his tribe?May the Good Lord be with his family.
Anonymous user 2013 November 21 19:48:10
This women and her husband they are all wicked ,they deserve 2 rot in jail ...umfazi oyisifebe.
Anonymous user 2013 November 21 08:39:28
Useless b**** how do u bring a boy to ur house knowing fully well ulendoda it wuld have been beta if it waz a lodge there ar so many of them sh** hayi man jola in style bi***h fork off man
Anonymous user 2013 November 21 05:20:30
she is a disgrace to womenwood.
Anonymous user 2013 November 20 21:43:17
dt stupid lady s the one who shld suffer the consequonces hw u cn u f**k wth a 16yr old while u hv a13yr old child uyinjaaa shame
Anonymous user 2013 November 20 21:09:01
Any man could have done that but romours say the boy jumped on his own fearing to be caught and there was no other exit door to go out,the person guilt here is the woman who got involved with a boy close to her sons age that's disguisting,she must be the one in custody not the man.
Anonymous user 2013 November 20 20:07:43
Leyonto yehlula okhokho bakho oChaminuka .
Anonymous user 2013 November 20 19:33:58
Eish wabulawa ngento oza ngayo umtwana.
Anonymous user 2013 November 20 18:01:15
Ngeke. Shame uyinja losisi uvulela Ingani izingqa she dsve 2 be killed r.I.p boy lendoda yona hedid wot eny man can do I wish aphume ejele lesfebe somfaz sona sibulawe
Anonymous user 2013 November 20 17:12:30
this lady raped the boy and her husband killed him,Asazi you have played with the wrong tribe,Realy you will regret your whole life,Liqale uzimu.Lisihogele imkhokha emandebelele.
Anonymous user 2013 November 20 14:54:41
Realy end of the World what a shame Sodoma le Gomora.
Anonymous user 2013 November 20 14:26:45
Bekufanele lesifebe leso sibotshwe laso
Anonymous user 2013 November 20 14:21:30
Kwaze kwabuhlungu boooo" umfana omcane kanje maezofela ikuku shua bomama kodwa zamani ukwenza into ezilengqondo Lungelo kazi uthini lawokhona ngalento ngoba nguwena odale yonke lenxushunxushu esikhona
Anonymous user 2013 November 20 14:05:44
Uzonya wena wule lomfazi ngumntanakamalume ugogo kayenzi ngikuthakhatha uzokubonisa izbunisa izbunu zenyoka kungcono lawe uphuze itshefu ngoba asazi
Anonymous user 2013 November 20 13:47:06
Kwazekabuhlungu lokhu lathi esilala labafazi babantu i hope sifundile
Anonymous user 2013 November 20 13:30:35
Stupid Zimbabweans they alwyz wnt 2hav sex wth sugar mumies they deserve 2b thrown thru de window nxa!!!