Models fighting over Kaizer Chiefs star Lehlohonolo Majoro

Models fighting over Kaizer Chiefs star Lehlohonolo Majoro
Published: 2013 August 04 17:23:41 (47996 Views)
Two former friends are fighting over Kaizer Chiefs star, Lehlohonolo Majoro.

Former SunBabe Jessica Mafayisa (24) and Pearl Mooi (21) used to be best friends but that ended when the Bafana Bafana striker dumped Pearl.

A friend said: "Last year in February they started dating, and she told Majoro that a wealthy uncle was bankrolling her lavish lifestyle.

"Pearl wanted money from Majoro, but he told her no. She threatened to tell the media about their affair, but he dumped her on the spot!" said the close friend.

Another source close to Majoro said that after he had given Pearl a red card, he went after her model friend, Jessica.

"Pearl got angry because her friend was now dating her man. Last year, Pearl and Jessica fought over Majoro," said the source.

It has also emerged that Pearl's mum, Palesa (51) was angry that Jessica had taken her daughter's boyfriend.

It was alleged that she nearly drove over Jessica."Last month, Jessica was walking in the street in Welkom when Palesa saw her – and allegedly tried to run over her," said a Free State source.

Palesa appeared before the Welkom magistrate's court a fortnight ago on charges of attempted murder and crimen injuria.

Police spokesman, Captain Stephen Thakeng, confirmed Palesa's arrest and added that she is out on bail of R500. She will be back in the dock on 15 August.

Jessica told the SunTeam: "This has nothing to do with Majoro. Palesa and Pearl have issues with me – as I'm a threat to them in terms of success.

"I never stole Majoro from Pearl. He's my cousin. Majoro dumped Pearl after he had found out about her scandals.

"In June someone tweeted about Pearl and I replied. That's when Palesa started to insult me and my family. Pearl is trying to blackmail everyone.

"When scandals surface she changes phones. I heard that Pearl wanted to meet me and apologise on her mum's behalf so that I could drop the charges," said Jessica.

When approached for a comment, Majoro said: "I don't know anyone by the name of Pearl or Jessica. I'm at training and want to focus on the next match."

Last week, the SunTeam called Pearl, but she refused to comment and hung up.

Source - Dailysun


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Anonymous user 2017 July 03 11:50:35
he should take them both and merry them thats the solution isitsembu
Anonymous user 2017 July 03 10:20:51
ladies always fall for a famous guys in order fir them to b on spot light nd Rsa wags they need to grow up nd start making their own money majoro focus n leave panties
Anonymous user 2015 February 19 10:14:45
Its a good thing he went to pirats coz all pirats players are cheats and players• Disgusting! Friends really grow up boy mahn and grow some
Anonymous user 2014 November 01 13:14:38
Lwol ai majoro uworse shame.....
Anonymous user 2014 September 03 21:54:14
Loooooool oooooh nyc1 mr M u d man,oooh girls gqibani skolo qha nilibale ngamoda nibancinci kaloku!
Anonymous user 2014 August 01 12:22:17
Anonymous user 2014 March 12 14:48:32
no majoro!! i hate u forever gazi uyaku bhaka ushiya i-future of ftbll club hamba uyofa gazilaM bazokuhluza phambili
Anonymous user 2014 February 24 14:13:57
lol pearl girlfriend,seems like Majoro is 1 type of a guy who is not ready to be golddigged..jeeze nice 1 dude
Anonymous user 2013 December 31 09:01:10
Id like 2 get 2 knw majoro im his big fan nd i play ladies soccer im 17 years old i stay at Mpumalanga im Middelburg i play position 6 & 9 my nickname s majoro bt my real name is AYANDA PRECIOUS SKHOSANA .
Anonymous user 2013 October 27 06:00:10
Lol Pearl is childish hle lmao childishness starts at schools. Not while your growing up lmao .Majoro act like a man. Jessica it aint your fault girl .
Anonymous user 2013 August 17 23:56:20
What happened next about dis 2 models

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