Pastor Mboro arrested for abusing women & girls 'on TV'

Pastor Mboro arrested for abusing women & girls 'on TV'
Published: 2013 March 04 00:40:02 (78684 Views)
Pastor Paseka Motsoeneg, also known as Pastor ‘Mboro’ was arrested by SAPS for alleged sexual assault of women and girls.

The South African Human Rights Commission is following up on complaints against Pastor Mboro submitted by Sonke Gender Justice and People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA) in June 2011.

In mid June 2011 Sonke and POWA lodged a complaint with the SAHRC and the Commission on Gender Equality (CGE) against Pastor Paseka Motsoeneg or Pastor ‘Mboro’ – a well known religious leader who even broadcasts in TV – for allegations of sexual violence against women and girls under the guise of his apparent spiritual healing abilities.

Apparently Mboro even paid a school teacher to fake illness on camera.

The CGE rejected the complaint in August 2011 but the SAHRC acknowledged receipt of the complaint.

The CGE rejected the complaint on the basis that “the CGE respects people’s religious beliefs as they are protected by the Constitution, with the understanding that those people exercised their choice to go to Pastor Motsoeneng’s church voluntarily”.

No further steps were taken by the SAHRC following acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint.

However, on 23 January 2013, one and a half years later, Sonke received correspondence informing them that SHRC was investigating.

The SHRC also confirmed that they received other complaints about Pastor Mboro.

He has now been arrested and being investigated.

The SAHRC has also requested that Sonke staff who watched the episodes on TV where Mboro sexually violated women and young girls, depose affidavits.

Sonke has raised concerns that CGE did not take the complaint seriously and did not make any attempt to investigate the allegations of sexual violence against women and girls.

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Anonymous user 2017 July 05 22:39:37
I don't believe on him and others. all off them i fake. I believe in God
Anonymous user 2017 July 05 18:04:56
Ey God will punish the guilty.
Anonymous user 2017 July 05 17:46:16
Lol I knew it those who believe in him you're fools and stupid .... I wish he raped you ladies who still believe in him even after this.... matekatse ke lona
Anonymous user 2016 April 14 12:39:19
Pastor mboro is a sh*t pastor he have to pay for the thing that him n pastor zondo did to people of hammaskraal.they are damn snake.what are those long nails doing on his hands.
Anonymous user 2016 March 10 21:32:00
people Hu are u to judge mboro let God judge mboro nt us we hv no power to judge only God has amen
Anonymous user 2016 March 10 21:27:35
May the Lord judge the wrong person amen